Welcome to my blog.

I believe this is a time for asking deep questions from the reservoir of our past experiences and present position in Christ.  Questions like what do I want my spiritual family to remember about my life when I’m gone?  And how can I love others the way Jesus does?  I believe Holy Spirit will lead us to an honest assessment, and if needed, redirect our paths on an unexpected yet wonderful journey.

This blog is about my journey; it’s about what’s happening as I respond to His call.  It’s a real-time journal that chronicles the ongoing testimony of God’s provisioning.

I’m called to the Nations to lead communities in ways that empower missions that advocate for the voiceless in the world, especially orphans to be adopted.  I’m called to share the good news in a way that emphasizes the culture of adoption.

The eyes of the Lord search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully given to Him” (2 Sam 16:9 NLT).  Since God defends the weak, the widow, the poor, the alien and the orphans my journey is sure to reflect His power.

As John Piper so eloquently puts it, ” adoption … is greater than the universe … Adoption was part of God’s plan. It was his idea, his purpose. It was not an afterthought. He didn’t discover one day that against his plan and foreknowledge humans had sinned and orphaned themselves in the world, and then come up with the idea of adopting them into his family. No, Paul says, he predestined adoption. He planned it.”

Medgidia, Romania, Bethlehem Church